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Introduction to Best Practice Benchmarking

What it is

Best Practice Benchmarking is about understanding and improving the processes within the business, not about comparing sets of numbers.

What it isn't

Why and when to use it

Articles on Best Practice Benchmarking

Best Practice Benchmarking: Twenty Steps Brian Hunt, December 2000

Outline of Typical Benchmarking Steps From Score Research. Contains links to other articles on Best Practice Benchmarking

Benefiits and Value of Benchmarking Very good two page document from Best Practices LLC.

Bare-Bones Benchmarking: How The Smallest Can Learn From The Best An excellent primer

Benchmarking Does & Don'ts from General Motors and Florida Light & Power

Best practice benchmarking Published by the UK Department of Trade and Industry in 1995 and updated 1998.

Benchmarking Overview and Analysis From Queensland University of Technology

Examples of Best Practice Benchmarking

New Management Secrets from Japan--Really From Fortune Magazine. Contents include 'Using a management technique called bullet-train thinking, Yokogawa Electric has taken as much as 45% of the costs out of its products. General Electric has recently imported the method for its own uses'.

Best Practice Spotlights From Best Practices, LLC An excellent place to start understanding what World Class companies are all about and how their development is supported by Best Practice Benchmarking. Examples include GE, Xerox, HP, Ford and Allied Signal. I recommend Teaching An Elephant To Dance: How Jack Welch Has Employed Best Practice Strategies in General Electric's Transformation as the first one to read.

HM Customs Introduction to Benchmarking HM Customs are winners of the 1996 European Benchmarking Best Practice Award - good content on this site includes their Introduction to Hybrid Benchmarking

The Boston Ballet Finds Unexpected Benefits in Benchmarking A very good article which describes their approach, benefits achieved and lessons learnt.

Best Practice Benchmarking in Australian Agriculture: Issues and Challenges Excellent, practical paper dated August 8th, 2000.

Welcome to Benchmarking - A Guide to Benefits and Performance Management Presentation to the 54th Annual Conference of the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (October 1999). Authors: Jennifer Wilson and Leslie June, Wilson & June Consultants

Introduction to Best Practice Benchmarking from EnergyThai

Generic Benchmarking

Generic benchmarking for strategic benefit How Waterloo Air Management used Generic Benchmarking to gain ideas from others, and to refine them for the Building Services industry. Waterloo studied the ice cream industry to understand the drivers behind delivering products to short lead times.

Best Practice Benchmarking Links

Best Practice Benchmarking: Links from the Open Directory Free (and very good) networking group for Best Practice Benchmarking. Based in Bedfordshire, U.K

Best Practices, LLC A good resource. They claim to be the leading business to business research and consulting firm specializing in Best Practice Benchmarking.

Assessment Models

Business Excellence Model Introduction to the model plus links to ISO9000:2000

Baldrige Performance Excellence Free information from Baldrige Excellence Services. Their mission: Enable organizations to achieve unsurpassed excellence - in the minds of their customers and other stakeholders, in the shortest timeframe, and at the lowest overall cost

Balanced Business Scorecard

The First Balanced Scorecard Analog Devices 1986 - 1991

Performance Indicators

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Why is customer satisfaction measured From The Leadership Factor Ltd

Soft Systems Examples

Indicators for Measuring Progress From Redefining Progress , measures relevant to sustainable development.

Hard Systems Examples

Guides and Glossary

The Environmental Management Benchmarking Guide This link will download the document in pdf format. This is an excellent model on how to plan and manage a Best Practice Benchmarking project.

Quality Services - Guide X: Benchmarking and Best Practices: An Update to Guide VIII Guide to Benchmarking from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Benchmarking Glossary

Business Process Classification Scheme Published by The Best Practice Club


The Benchmarking Funnel IN PROGRESS

Adapting General Electric's Workout for Use in Other Organizations: A Template Very good article on this powerful approach - clearly describes the difficulties