Introduction to Business Improvement Strategies Articles on Business Improvement Techniques and Strategies Examples of Business Improvement Strategies

Introduction to Business Improvement

Articles on Business Improvement

Enterprise Architecture: The Issue of the Century From John A Zachman (probably THE guru on this subject). Clearly explains what it is and why it needs to be used.

Enterprise Modeling Resource Center From Popkin Software, this site has the pdf version of Building an Enterprise Architecture, The Popkin Process .

Enterprise Modelling An excellent article from Richard Veryard of Veryard Projects

Presentations of the ArchitecturePlus Seminars Very useful articles and presentation from ArchitecturePlus

Coming to Grips with the Dismal Record of Quality Programme Implementation: Making it Happen By Tom Peters. Document is in pdf format and from the library of the Business Improvement Network

Business Process Reengineering & Innovation MASSES of excellent articles.

Guide to a Balanced Scorecard Performance Management Methodology An excellent forty five page guide from the Procurement Executives Association (PEA) of USA. "One accurate measurement is worth more than a thousand expert opinions" Admiral Grace Hopper.

TACOM-ARDEC Quality Link On-line Total Quality Management magazine from TACOM-ARDEC

How Intelligent Organizations Meet Today's Challenges From Gifford and Elizabeth Pinchot.

Examples of Business Improvement Strategies

Total Quality Management

A Perspective on Quality Activities in American firms From Dr. Noriaki Kano, a past student of Professor Kaoru Ishikawa. Reviews strengths and weaknesses of American companies.


Business Processes Resource Centre Based at Warwick University, UK. Focus is on the three themes: Complexity, Knowledge Management and Professional Development and Business Restructuring.

Tom Peters

technology consultancy

the Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP) Web Site 'The main goal of BMP is to increase the quality, reliability, and maintainability of goods produced by American firms. The primary steps toward this goal are simple: identify best practices, document them, and then encourage industry, government, and academia to share information about them'.

Arthur M. Schneiderman Very good site for process management essays - includes 'Schneiderman's 7-Steps of Process Management', using balanced scorecards and organisational learning. Clearly and simply presented.

Fit for the Future The National Best Practice Campaign A CBI-led, DTI-supported campaign (UK). A lot of good content on this site.