Problem Solving & Idea Generation

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idea generation techniques

Defining the Problem

Cognitive mapping: Getting Started with Cognitive Mapping by Fran Ackermann, Colin Eden and Steve Cropper, Management Science, University of Strathclyde

About conceptmapping from the on-line ObservETory on Educational Technology

Concept Mapping Concept Mapping articles and software. Includes link to free download of PIViT.

Problem Solving

High-Performance Problem Solving Using the SiTNA Alternative for Generating Synergy and Commitment SiTNA is a holistic way of redefining problems (the biggest step to solving them!) and stands for Situations That Need Attention. It has parallels with Professor Peter Checkland's Soft Systems Methodology. Click here for a good introduction to this holistic approach.

Creative Whack Resource to Start the Thinking Process


The Seven Creativity Tools From GOAL/QPC Research

The Top 10 Ways To Increase Your Creativity From Martin Sawdon of Coaching Works

Five Simple Steps to Creative Thinking Copyright © 1998-1999 Lewis Publishing



Summary of Brainwriting


Summary of Brainstorming

Good guide to Brainstorming


A checklist allows ordering of the problem solving processs. It can provide a list of the points to be considered or directions to explore when looking for a solution - or even if it needs to be pursued. Example questions are:


Basically, this means making a lateral connection between something that has direct or indirect similarity to the problem under review. The principle is that odd or "off the wall" analogies can stimulate the mind to operate "out of the box" and away from it's normal confines and perspectives.

Random Stimuli

Concept and Mind Mapping,

Big Dog's HR Link Page - Training and Development Subjects This link will take you to the Mapping section of this very comprehensive resource page. Masses of interesting and useful information on training and development here.


Attribute Listing

Morphological Analysis

Morphological Matrix