Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

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Meeting Management

Meetings That Matter "Drawn-out meetings with no clear goals or outcomes are one of the most common grievances among all professionals" The article includes this paragraph "Clear reminders about the importance of corporate gatherings are evident in every Intel conference room throughout the world, via a poster that lists a series of simple questions about meetings: "Do you know the purpose of this meeting? Do you have an agenda? Do you know your role? Do you follow the rules of good minutes?"

Time Management

Letting Go How to drop the time wasting in your life

Measuring Intangible Assets

The Intangible Assets Monitor Understand this if you are serious about improving organisational performance. Intangible assets include: knowledge, customer and employee satisfaction, staff turnover etc. The financial potential of a company is represented in these intangible assets, not the value of their stock or assets.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing from Cre8tive Training Solutions

Business Planning

Accelerated Planning Technique

Communication Skills

Evaluating synchronous/real-time platforms for distance education A long title but a great article - evaluation and discussion of the application of on line conferencing and knowledge sharing tools. From Richard Selzer of www.samizdat.com

The Person on the Other Side On line communication and active listening

Electronic Mail - Literature Review From Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D. Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

Making ISO9000 simple to understand

Praxiom Research Group Limited ISO 9000 2000 Translated into Plain English A well laid out and simple to use site which cuts through the waffle and pomposity of ISO9000 interpretation and application