Customer Satisfaction

ISO9000:2000 Requirements

BEM Requirements

Common Requirements and Approaches

Indications that it's working

Associated Business Processes 12 (Closest fit to Business Process Classifications from The Best Practice Club)

ISO9000:2000 Customer Satisfaction

Details of requirements not yet available - however I expect these to be similar to the requirements of the EFQM Business Excellence Model

Business Excellence Model & Customer Satisfaction

Performance Measurement

EFQM Requirements

Assessors expectations

Independant surveys used to assess company performance against competitors

Benchmarking used to improve performance towards best in class

Customer surveys measures what the customers sees as important

Surveys regularly reviewed against business division and geographical area

Common Requirements and Approaches

Increasing Customer Expectations


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Indications that it's working

Customer satisfaction and other issues that influence loyalty are measured, analysed and understood. The delivery of value to the customer, the final arbiter of product and service excellence, is the primary focus.